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Steve Garry Music

It is truly my belief that music is the Universal Language of the heart and soul. The notes set the background while the lyrics tell the rest of the story. Sharing one’s songs for laughter or tears, or for that one line that may soothe or shake ones soul is truly a great gift.

If I have made you laugh or cry, dance, or connect with my music in some way or another, I have done my job. After all, it is all about the music!

Thanks for giving me a listen

About Steve

Steve Garry is a Texas born singer - songwriter who now calls Kerrville, Texas home. Steve started playing guitar around the age of ten. Being predominately left handed and being given a right handed guitar, Steve was determined to learn to play, so the right handed guitar became his best companion for the next several years.

About Steve Garry




Buy the CD  at the following retailers or by contacting me directly.   

Order direct from me by message and pay through PayPal - or Venmo Stephen- Garry.  $18.00 covers signed copy of cd, tax and shipping.

Watch our
 "If I Ever Get Too Old"  video!

“Listen between the notes, that’s where you will find the story behind the music.”

-Steve Garry

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(806) 781-0755

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